The Clipstone Labour Party has had several successes since being elected in 2007, major victories include getting the Colliery site cleared of the ancillary buildings, these buildings were in a poor state and made it easy for children to hide in the site creating a danger for themselves, at a meeting with the Coal Authority Councillors Dave Thompson,Pam Whitehead,Sheila Soar and Ken Weaver put the case for the Villagers of Clipstone to see some progress on the clearance of this site.

Clipstone has a problem with dog waste, the Labour controlled Parish Council has invested in 20 Dog waste bins for the Parish, this has reduced greatly the amount of dog waste in the village , but we still have a problem and are looking at other solutions.

The Pelican crossing debate lasted many years, the residents of Clipstone demanded a light controlled crossing on Mansfield Road. The Clipstone Labour Party had the resolve and determination to get the County Council to change their minds and build the crossing.

Clipstone cemetery was running out of space and the Parish Council would have had to refuse  new burial applications, it was this Labour Parish Council that took on the challenge to develop new land to extend the cemetery allowing new burials for many more years, a task that former Parish Councils ducked away from.

Improvements to the Colliery site One of the many dog waste bins placed in the Village Clipstone's Crossing